About EVE-Couture

EVE-Couture is a London-based luxury brand standing for timeless designs, carefully crafted in its own atelier and tailored to enhance the silhouette for a memorable look. Its creations are characterized by a sophisticated and refined sense of style rendered in the finest fabrics, hand-sewn delicate embroideries and detailed beadings. EVE-Couture is the result of a passion driven commitment to well-made fashion which speaks to the modern brides and those who don’t shy away from standing in the spotlight.

Liliana and her daughter shooting their first collection on the 7th of June 2021

Liliana grew up with her grandparents in Romania, in the countryside, a place she fell in love with. She became fascinated with everything about it, its flowers, and rustic atmosphere.

To this day, she continues to find inspiration in nature and turn natural elements into design details. Her first encounter with making garments happened when she was little by sewing all kinds of outfits for her dolls. She learned everything from her grandmother, however, at that time, she didn’t feel a passion for making clothes. In fact, she decided to go on a whole different path and pursued her fascination for nature instead. She got accepted into the best high school in town, where she studied natural sciences.

Unfortunately, soon enough, she had to quit her studies. Her father suffered a terrible accident which left him unable to work anymore. Therefore, her parents had to make an incredibly difficult decision to withdraw her from high school, because they didn’t have enough money to fund her studies. Then, her grandmother encouraged her to specialize in tailoring saying that it’s a job that no one could take away from her.

She followed her grandmother’s advice and started working in garment making factories to learn her craft, before joining bespoke ateliers in Romania.

Her grandparents died while she was still working there, but her relationship with her grandmother was a very special one and will always remain in her heart.

After moving to London, she started working in a factory specialized in sofas and then, for a clothing manufacturer. Becoming very confident in her skills, Liliana opened her own atelier catering to luxury designers and developed an affinity for designing immaculate fashion pieces. With such a rich expertise in high-end fashion, she founded her luxury brand, EVE-Couture, named after her daughter, Evelyne. Nowadays, Liliana is passing on her knowledge to Evelyne and dedicates her first EVE-Couture collection to her grandparents.